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Cosmetology is a 1,500 clock hour course that requires a minimum of 40 weeks to complete. At the Eden Beauty Institute, we understand that life happens. We give you a 55 week enrollment window, allowing for personal or sick time if you need it. Most students will complete our program within that time, without additional changes.

Unfortunately at this time we are not able to offer financial aid, but we do offer a payment program. You have the option to pay all at once, Quarterly (4 payments), Monthly and Weekly.

We plan on offering an externship program, designed to give students a step-up on job placement, our externship program will assist in placing you in professional salon by working as assistants before graduation.

We are a "people-helping company." We will provide ongoing training and testing to ensure that you are among the best. This translates into an atmosphere where our students know we care about their progress and ultimately, their professional success.

After completing 1,200 hours, you will participate in a mock state board exam. This exam is designed to help you identify the areas where you need more practice. We will then work with you to help you improve in those areas.

The professional beauty industry is well known for the many charitable causes supported each year. We are actively involved in local charity campaigns. Throughout the year, our students will experience firsthand the rewards of being good citizens of their community.

The Eden Beauty Institute can help you begin training for a new career in the beauty industry.

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